Rim Straightening

Had a run in with a pothole? Did it bend your wheel? If you keep driving, a bent wheel will destroy your tire and can cause severe harm to the steering and suspension systems of your vehicle. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a replacement, give us a call, we straighten bent alloys to within original factory tolerances.

Surface Restoration

We can repair such damage as scratches, gouges, chips and scuffs. Using different techniques we can restore the face of your wheel to like new condition.


Using only the TIG welding process, the crack will be welded from both sides ensuring a full penetration weld is achieved.  The wheel will then be lathed to remove the weld cap  ensuring the bead has the proper contour resulting in the tire having a perfectly smooth surface to seal against.

Powder Coating

Powder Coating is one of the most durable finishes available for wheel re-surfacing.  Having excellent corrosion and UV resistance along with high impact and scratch resistance, makes powder an ideal coating choice for Newfoundland’s harsh environment and harsher roads.  We have thousandths of colour options available making returning most wheels to their original colour or to a customised colour of your choosing possible.

CNC Machining

Do you have a two tone machine finished wheel?  Has our harsh weather caused them to peel and corrode?  We can help.  Being the only wheel repair shop in Newfoundland to have a CNC lathe allows us to restore your wheels to their original look.  We finish off your repair with a powder coated clear coat giving it the durability that only powder can offer.  Back to like new condition for the fraction of the price of replacing.

PVD Chrome

Looking to make your wheels really stand out?  Using the latest technology, we can give your wheels a Chrome look!  Choose from standard Chrome, Black Chrome, or various Candy Chrome finishes.  Best of all, if you accidentally damage a wheel in a pothole, unlike normal Chrome, we can repair your wheel and restore your custom finish!